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Gregory Snow Greg.Snow at intermountainmail.org
Wed Mar 29 19:08:41 CEST 2006


	in regards to the dynamic resizing, one would think that
commands like
	plot.default {package:graphics} does it, as I am exploring other
	commands from graphics it seams like tkrplot may not be needed,
I am
	not sure as I just started with graphics in R, maybe a better
way to
	go is call TclTk from R but not sure how, or even save the data
to an
	output file and run TclTk independently.
	what do you think?

I have done it both ways, you can see examples of using the R graphics
window (which can be resized) with a Tk control box in several of the
functions in the TeachingDemos package (run.cor2.examp for example).
Unfortunatly when working in windows there is a tendancy for the R
window to jump in front of the Tk window which I find annoying, you can
get past this by running R with the SDI switch, but I favor the tkrplot
approach now (The TeachingDemos examples will be changing at some point
to allow either option).  This is less of an issue on Unix, I have no
idea about macs.

This is starting to get into details rather than general R discussion so
future discussion may be better as just e-mails rather than involving
the discussion list.
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