[R] Plotting shapefiles on existing maps

nhy303 at abdn.ac.uk nhy303 at abdn.ac.uk
Wed Mar 29 13:34:57 CEST 2006

Dear All,

This is probably a very basic question but:

I have plotted a map of the Barents Sea and surrounding coastline using:


Next, I imported a shapefile with depth contours for the sea:

contours<-read.shape("D://My Documents/BarentsSea.shp",dbf.data=T)

(This is in mercator projection).

Despite extensive searches of the help files and R site, I cannot find a
way to plot the contours onto the map.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thankyou for you help,


Lillian Sandeman
PhD Student
School of Biological Sciences
University of Aberdeen
AB24 2TZ

Tel.: 01224 272648
E-mail: l.sandeman at abdn.ac.uk

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