[R] {nuSpectral} irreg sampled ts, phase based periodogram

Keith Chamberlain Keith.Chamberlain at colorado.edu
Wed Mar 29 03:47:19 CEST 2006

Dear List-mates,

I just read Mathias, et al (2004) about their {nuSpectral} package in R for
a weighted leased squares method for unevenly sampled time-series. 

What kind of experiences have users had with the package?

R-Site Search came up blank. I've never asked about a package that was
downloaded outside of CRAN. Feel free to redirect me as the case may be.

Mathias, Grond, Guardans, Seese, Canela, et al (2004). Algorithms for
spectral analysis of irregularly sampled time series. Journal of Statistical
Software. 11-2.


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