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Guenther, Cameron Cameron.Guenther at MyFWC.com
Mon Mar 27 19:07:04 CEST 2006

I am using the glm model with a poisson distribution.  The model runs
just fine but when I try to get the null deviance for the model of the
null degrees of freedom I get the following errors:

> null.deviance(pAmeir_1)
Error: couldn't find function "null.deviance"

> df.null(pAmeir_1)
Error: couldn't find function "df.null"

When I do:

> names(pAmeir_1)
 [1] "coefficients"      "residuals"         "fitted.values"    
 [4] "effects"           "R"                 "rank"             
 [7] "qr"                "family"            "linear.predictors"
[10] "deviance"          "aic"               "null.deviance"    
[13] "iter"              "weights"           "prior.weights"    
[16] "df.residual"       "df.null"           "y"                
[19] "converged"         "boundary"          "model"            
[22] "call"              "formula"           "terms"            
[25] "data"              "offset"            "control"          
[28] "method"            "contrasts"         "xlevels"   

It tells me that the values are there but I can not access them.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Cameron Guenther, Ph.D. 
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