[R] new to the list - problems with non-solid lines in eps export

Gregor Volberg gregor.volberg at psychologie.uni-regensburg.de
Sun Mar 26 13:44:18 CEST 2006

Dear all,
I am new to this list and, unfortunately, could not provide help to anyone as 
yet. I hope I can do so in the future, though! Until then, I am grateful for 
helpful hints from you more experienced users.

For use in an upcoming publication, I generated an eps figure from  my x11 
window under Debian Linux with dev.copy2eps. It contains 28 line plots with 2 
lines each, one solid and one dotted (they show event-related brain 
potentials in two different conditions, if this is of interest for someone).  
The plots are arranged in a window with width=5 inch and height = 6 inch, so 
single plots are quite small. 
Now the problem: When I include the file in Latex or other word processing 
programs, the dotted line is almost unreadable. The whole waveform consists 
of, say, 20 dots, which hardly form a curve. The same problem occurs under MS 
Windows with dev.copy2eps(). However, when I directly plot the device under 
Windows, the dotted lines are nice. Thus, the problem is presumably special 
to eps "export". 
I know that I could do an easy workaround by using thick/thin lines or 
black/grey ones, but publication offices say that such lines are hard to 
distinguish for the reader in the final print version. Also, I searched this 
list for  something like "high resolution plots", but I learend that eps as a 
vector format does not have a fixed resolution (and thus no option to make 
ist "higher"). Plotting the figure to another device (png, bmp) reveals  the 
expected curves, but bitmaps are often not accepted. 
Does anyone have a hint, or does anyone have the same problem? Thank you in 
advance for your help!


P.S.: The dotted lines are not fuzzy, but "stretched" in the way that the 
point are to far away from each other to appear continuos. The same is with 
other non-solid lines (dashed etc).

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