[R] Clustering over strata using a Cox proportional hazard model

May, Roel Roel.May at nina.no
Fri Mar 24 16:49:22 CET 2006

Hi all,
I wish to do build discrete choice model to analyse habitat selection of
This can be done with a 'tricked' stratified Cox proportional hazard
For each individual animal each selected position, and possible
alternative non-used available positions are combined into strata.
This means that one stratum contains a set of 1 used position and
several positions which were available to the animal but were not
Ultimately this renders unique choice sets for all observations in the
The stratified model works fine and does its work as should.
The problem however is that, having checked the residuals, there is a
high variation between individuals.
Is it somehow possible to account for preferences that vary among
individuals? I am thinking along the lines of clustering the data over
the strata or using specific individual weights. I have looked into the
cluster() function, but this does not result in any differences in the
residuals. If using the cluster() function is the right way to take, how
can I check if it worked to remove individual preferences?
I hope anyone can help me with this,
Thankes in advance,
Roel May
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