[R] solving nonlinear system of equations

allan_sta_staff_sci_main_uct at mail.uct.ac.za allan_sta_staff_sci_main_uct at mail.uct.ac.za
Fri Mar 24 09:03:12 CET 2006

hi all

i have been searching through the archives in search for some help and it seems
to have been fruitless - thus the mail. i saw some mail relating to mathomatic
and maxima. mathomatic only works for simpel functions - as per the mail and
does not support logs ...- and i am not familiar with maxima. i would
preferably want to use an R function.

is there a function that can solve a system of non linear equations. i dont have
any data - ie as per nls.

so a trivial example would be:

exp(a) = v
log(v) = 0

and we need to solve for v and a.

hoping someone can help.

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