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McGehee, Robert Robert.McGehee at geodecapital.com
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Also check out the GDD package created by Simon Urbanek if bitmap does
not fit your needs. On some systems, bitmap is slow or produces an
inferior quality plot, in part because anti-aliasing is not supported
(at least on my system). GDD, however, produces excellent anti-aliased
graphs using the GD Graphics Library with Freetype support instead of
ghostscript. That said, GDD is still in beta and has a couple of missing
features, such as lack of support for different line widths in graphs
(as of 0.1-7).


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Rainer M Krug wrote:

> Hi
> I am using R 2.2.1 under Linux (SuSE 10) and would like to know if it
> possible to create graphs, i.e.
> jpeg(filename=fn)
> 	try( coplot( mor$I_Morisita ~ mor$Year | mor$RunStr,
show.given=FALSE) )
> dev.off()
> from a text console?
> It gives me an error message on the jpeg() command:
> Error in X11(..snip..) unable to start device jpeg
> In addition: warning message:
> unable to open connection to X11 display.
> Are there any ways to create the plot and save it into a jpeg file
> a text console?

Via bitmap() (i.e. postscript with ghostscript postprocessing).

Uwe Ligges

> Thanks,
> Rainer

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