[R] RGui: windows-record and command history

Philippe Grosjean phgrosjean at sciviews.org
Thu Mar 23 15:06:53 CET 2006

Duncan Murdoch wrote:
> On 3/23/2006 7:35 AM, Thomas Steiner wrote:
>>a) How can I set the recording of all windows()-history forever to
>>"true"? I want something like windows(record = TRUE) but not just for
>>the window that opens then, but for all windows I will open ever.
> options(graphics.record=TRUE)
> will make that happen for the rest of the session.  To really make it 
> happen forever, you need to put this line in your Rprofile (see 
> ?Rprofile for where that comes from).
> Watch out though:  the graphics history is stored in your current 
> workspace in memory, and it can get big.  You might find you're running 
> out of memory if you store everything, and you'll find your .RData files 
> quite large if you save your workspace.

And also, remember that a single graph history is shared by the various 
graph windows. This may lead to unexpected results in you work with 
several devices at once.

> On my todo list (but not for 2.3.0) is the possibility of setting a 
> default history length, perhaps defaulting to saving the last 2 or 3 
> pages.

That would be really great!

Philippe Grosjean

>>b) Scrolling up in RGui (windows 2000) to see past commands is nice,
>>but: Is it possible to type eg "wi" and the "arrow up" and see the
>>last command that started with "wi" (like windows()). I know this
>>feature from Matlab (Uops, one of the forbidden words here? ;) ) and
>>it's nice to have it.
> We have things like that on platforms that use the readline library for 
> input, but Rgui doesn't.  It would be nice, but it's a fair bit of work 
> to implement properly and it's not on my todo list.
> Duncan Murdoch
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