[R] removing NA from a data frame

Sam Steingold sds at podval.org
Mon Mar 20 18:47:03 CET 2006

> * Berton Gunter <thagre.oregba at trar.pbz> [2006-03-20 09:42:49 -0800]:
>> If you do not feel like answering a question, it is perfectly 
>> fine with
>> me, I do not think that anyone owes me anything.
>> All I am asking is that if you do decide to answer, please make your
>> answer immediately useful, i.e., not requiring learning all 
>> the manual by
>> heart (a specific manual section is perfectly fine though).
>> Thanks.
> But do you not owe the list the courtesy of first making a reasonable
> attempt on your own?

I do.

Nevertheless, please remember that "a reasonable attempt" means
different things for a newbie and for an expert.

>> PPS. how do I figure out the number of rows in a data.frame?
>>      is length(attr(X,"row.names")) the right way?
> help.search("number of rows") immediately gets you your answer!


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