[R] Platform independent dialogs & menus?

Keith Chamberlain Keith.Chamberlain at colorado.edu
Mon Mar 20 12:09:37 CET 2006

Dear list mates,

Are {utils} dialog box functions, and winMenuAdd... functions used to change
(e.g. Console) menus, platform dependent? 

I'm writing a script loaded with .First that provides first time users in a
lab course with the ability to select, load, and change between what I
called a 'session' (more specific save that focuses on the session object I
defined rather than the whole workspace, & intended to run many different
sessions through the course of what would be one workspace).

I'm using winMenuAdd() calls to generate their 'Session' menu at startup,
the menus call functions sourced in for the menu actions. In the menu
actions, I call routines that use select.list() and file.choose() calls to
interact with users. 

I do not work with Macs often, and from what I've gathered today in posts
about cross-platform difficulties, my sense of being intimidated "seems"
well placed to me (then again, breaks & some sleep would probably help). I
have not had the chance to test routines on a Mac yet, so I have no idea
what to expect. Is this tract I took with winMenuAdd() & related [{utils}
windows build] an appropriate route to take wrt the Mac build of R, or would
I be better off using another package? 

Please advise,

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