[R] GAM using R tutorials?

Keith Chamberlain Keith.Chamberlain at colorado.edu
Fri Mar 17 03:57:35 CET 2006

Dear Templ (& Others),

Thank you for pointing out the contributed papers. It is one of those things
that I have been introduced to more than once, but I personally never
remembered to check the section out while in the acute phase of
"problem-can't do it-what the heck is going on." 

Dear Michael,

Regarding frustrating replies, those will happen. I lost sleep over such
things in the past, only to learn that I didn't really have time to get
caught up. It is normal when investing time and effort into a reply to want
some kind of assurance that some legwork has been done. I think Gavin just
didn't get the sought after assurance from your message. The reply may not
have been particularly useful to you, per say, but it did serve as a
reminder to a wider audience of subscribers who read posts.

Given that this is done over email, and given the huge diversity of
subscribers around the globe with different language histories, the error
rate in communication could only increase from that of your or my locale.
Hence, the importance of the posting guide & FAQs.

More often than not, however, I've later found replies that I previously
considered terse or inappropriate to be quite accurate. On the other side, I
walked through an R&D lab once & pointed out a solution to a router
configuration problem that the technician had been working on for a few
days. Having been trained on that one system, it was quite obvious what
needed to be fixed. I expected the technician to be grateful, but he never
spoke to me again! 

Well, that's my 2 cents. I do acknowledge that it wasn't requested. My hope
is that someone out there in listland would find it useful, even if not you.
Yes, I guess I am having a conversation with the wind... 


Thu, 16 Mar 2006 00:26:46 -0800
Michael <comtech.usa at gmail.com>
Re: [R] GAM using R tutorials?

Hi Templ,

That's very helpful! Indeed I've printed out the gam portion and I am
digesting now...

Thank you so much!

I really appreicate your constructive and helpful advice!



On 3/15/06
TEMPL Matthias <Matthias.Templ at statistik.gv.at> wrote:
> Have you looked at:
> "An Introduction to R: Software for StatisticalModelling & Computing" by
> Petra Kuhnert and Bill Venables
> which is available at http://cran.r-project.org/other-docs.html
> Hope this helps.
> Best,
> Matthias

Thu, 16 Mar 2006 00:25:56 -0800
Michael <comtech.usa at gmail.com>
Re: [R] GAM using R tutorials?

Interesting! Very interesting! You seem to assume that I haven't done
anything as you've listed below:

I have even listed a book that I was aware of but I could not find in our
local library... and doing some "research" and I have already started
playing with "gam", and everybody on earth knows that you can do "?gam" and
"help.search()" in R to find info, but after I have done all those, I still
feel that I need some more info&help...

I don't know how you reach your ungrounded conclusion?

I think you are wasting everybody's bandwidth and time by not providing
constructive suggestions but discouraging (and overly repetitive) comments
disregarding the effort a newbie had already paid...

I think you really need to consult posting guide yourself...

And remember, you can always remain silent -- you don't need to show off
that you are an experienced user and for newbie your first response is
always something like scolding: "why didn't you search?"

I strongly believe that your answer is inappropriate!!!

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