[R] Ordination of feature film data question

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Mon Mar 13 21:07:23 CET 2006

In addition to the references from Professor Ripley, you might be 
interested in the R packages and pages maintained by ecologists for such 
work (even if you're doing movies).  Packages labdsv, vegan, and ade4 
both have a broad variety of distance/dissimilarity indices and numerous 
alternative ordination programs.  You might also be interested in an 
ecologically oriented web page at:


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Frank Thomas wrote:
> Sorry that I send this text for a second time - I didn't see my posting 
> before (though I have set the preferences to see them)
> If you want a comparison of different distance measures you might try 
> the manuscript of Johann Bacher who is a specialists in cluster methods. 
> He published an in-depth text on his web site 
> http://www.soziologie.wiso.uni-erlangen.de/koeln/
> Regards,
> F. Thomas
> Prof Brian Ripley wrote:
>>`Ordination' is ecologists' terminology for multidimensional scaling.
>>You will find worked examples in MASS (the book, see the R FAQ), and the 
>>two most commonly used functions, isoMDS and sammon, in MASS the package.
>>In your example, the main issue is going to be to choose an appropriate 
>>dissimilarity measure, and dist() (in stats) and daisy() in package 
>>cluster will give you a good start.
>>On Sat, 11 Mar 2006, David Woods wrote:
>>>I am severely rusty re. multivariate / ordination analysis, having done 
>>>my last work 40 years ago (in plant ecology). I am interested in 
>>>exploring applications of multivariate analytic approaches to data from 
>>>the history of motion picture films. I'd very much appreciate any 
>>>pointers as to possibly appropriate proceedures. The individual 
>>>"samples" may be individual films and the measurements may be the 
>>>presence and absence of actors and production personel; for example two 
>>>films with many actors and / or crew in common would be located close 
>>>together in the resultant ordination, while films with few or no 
>>>personel in common would be located far apart.
>>>May I express my appreciation in advance to any helpful recipients.
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