[R] finding warning point in function

Federico Calboli f.calboli at imperial.ac.uk
Sun Mar 12 19:57:53 CET 2006

Hi everyone,

I would like to find out when and where exactly I get the following
warning in a piece of code I've written:

Error in "[<-"(`*tmp*`, iseq, value = numeric(0)) :
        nothing to replace with

The code is a for () loop performing a somewhat trivial calculation,
modulated by a number of logical if(){} else(){} conditions, involving
the creation of a number of vectors that contain the elements that will
be manipulated.

The warning itself makes me suspicious that somewhere along the way a
vector ends up having length 0 for some of the elements of my dataset...
is there a way of finding out where the warning is generated that is
less verbose than printing out every single step?



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