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gwelleni at bidmc.harvard.edu gwelleni at bidmc.harvard.edu
Sat Mar 11 19:20:58 CET 2006

> John Maindonald john.maindonald at anu.edu.au wrote
> Sat Mar 11 01:53:31 CET 2006
> I've found memory management sometimes problematic under Windows.
> I've  a calculation that runs without difficulty in 512MB under Mac OS
> (10.3 or 10.4); I'd expect the same under Linux.  Under Windows
> (XP professional) with 512MB, it requires a freshly booted system.
> But maybe the new machines will have so much memory that memory
> management will not be an issue.

I've been running a lot of generalized additive models on large datasets
(mgvc package;R 2.2.0; Win XP) and I find that the first few models run
much much faster than later models. A reboot seems to make things go
fast again. Simply deleting everything from the root workspace doesn't


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