[R] breslow estimator for cumulative hazard function

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The function 'basehaz' computes the predicted survivor function for a Cox
prop hazards model centered (at the average values of the covariates) or
non-centered (at zero level of covariates).

As far as the estimator used, basehaz defaults to the Nelson-Aalen estimate
of the cumulative hazard with a Breslow-type estimate of survival.
Alternatively, a K-M estimator for the cumulative hazard can be selected.

See ?basehaz for details.

In your example, you could do something like this:

bh <- basehaz(fit, centered=TRUE)
xyplot(hazard ~ time | strata, data=ALLDPinfectionandbronchitis)


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Dear R-users,

I  am checking the proportional hazard assumption of a cox model  for a
given covariate, let say Z1, after adjusting for other relavent covariates
in the model. To this end, I fitted cox model stratified on the discrete
values of Z1 and try to get beslow estimator for the baseline cumulative
hazard function (H(t)) in each stratum. As far as i know, if the
proportionality assumption holds,  the  plot of ln[H(t)] of each stratum
versus time should be approximately parallel.


My question is on whether the cumulative hazard given by the above command
is actually a breslow estimator for baseline cumulative hazard ,i.e,
estimator=sum(  number of death/ (sum(risk score in risk set))   or  a
nelson-Aalen estimator. if the above command does not give me breslow
estimator, please advise on how I can get it.

Thanks for any help given.

kind regards,
sing yee

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