[R] Disconnect all MySQL connections

Don MacQueen macq at llnl.gov
Mon Mar 6 16:06:05 CET 2006

Use the function


to get a list of connections. Then use


to disconnect them one by one.

Using Oracle as an example:

>  dbm <- Oracle()
>  dbDisconnect(dbListConnections(dbm)[[1]])
[1] TRUE


At 3:18 PM +0100 3/6/06, mailto-nik at bluemail.ch wrote:
>I've got the error "cannot allocate a new connection -- maximum of 
>16 connections
>already opened" after I tried to create a new connection to a 
>database. However,
>the reason ist, that i did not disconnect previous connections....
>I don't know the name of this connections. How can I disconnect this "unknown"
>connections and drivers? if I delete all objects, the error still occurs.
>Exists a function which i don't know?
>Thanks a lot for your help.
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