[R] Plotting FAQ?

Dan Bolser dmb at mrc-dunn.cam.ac.uk
Fri Mar 3 20:13:05 CET 2006

Romain Francois wrote:
> Le 03.03.2006 13:13, Dan Bolser a écrit :
>> Hi,
>> Since I started to make some 'final' plots of my data I found that I 
>> have tons of questions related to 'the little things'. Rather than 
>> bother the list with all the questions (ahem), or search the archives 
>> for similar questions and translate the context, I would like to find 
>> a FAQ for plotting in particular (and R programming in general). I 
>> know for sure (searching the list) that my questions have been 
>> answered many times and in many different contexts, however, I can't 
>> find any list of generic (best) solutions to common problems.
>> For example, (a bit on the 'details' side, but...)
>> How do I make my y axis labels / names appear horizontally?
>> How do I put a plot within a plot?
>> How do I scale the legend text in barplot(...,legend=T)?
>> How do I generate a legend just like barplot(...,legend=T) using 
>> legend()?
>> How do I give my axis labels a bit more space? (Shift the left/bottom 
>> of the plotting area right/up from the left/bottom of the device area)?
>> These questions spring to mind because they are problems I am trying 
>> to deal with, I am sure you could imagine loads of more basic plotting 
>> questions.
>> An FAQ is a great place to archive all the best community knowledge 
>> about what library is good for what functionality and what 'tips & 
>> tricks' have the coolest code.
>> Where should I look?
>> Thanks for any help,
>> Dan.
> Hi,
> That kind of Q&A could find a space in the R wiki. Volunteers ?
> http://www.sciviews.org/_rgui/wiki/doku.php (the address will change 
> though)
> Romain

Great! I made a start (a very small start) from all the excellent 
suggestions I got (both on and off the list). Thanks all for those.


As with everything Wiki, this first draft is a rough and horrible 
outline of what could be an excellent resource, if properly used. I 
don't think you need volunteers to maintain a Wiki, people just need to 
pick up the habit of sharing their knowledge in an open source 
environment. And get comfortable with hacking somebodies contributions 
to shreds in the name of style & clarity.

Oh... and my web integrated spell chewer is temporarily broken, so 
please excuse my horrendous spelling. (Its not broken hear!)

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