[R] R plots in PowerPoint

Michael H. Prager Mike.Prager at noaa.gov
Fri Mar 3 19:10:12 CET 2006

on 3/3/2006 11:29 AM Jamieson Cobleigh said the following:
> [...] a PowerPoint presentation I am giving.
> [...] I find that presentations are easier to read
> when there is light text on a dark background [...]

Light text on dark background dates from the days of 35mm slides.  The 
dark background hid the dust, hairs, dead insects, etc. on the slides, 
and the result was more attractive.  Since then, I have seen mentioned 
studies that black text on a white background is most legible for most 
people, and I find it so myself.  In a presentation, it also makes the 
room brighter, so the speaker can be seen and the audience is less 
likely to fall asleep.

Obviously such things are matters of taste, and yours may be different 
from mine.  May I nonetheless offer encouragement to reopen the question 
for yourself to see if you *really* find light on dark easier to read?

If not, try ?par and ?png for some tips.


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