Semi-log plot in R

christophe tournayre mooky104 at
Sun Mar 5 01:00:19 CET 2006

Dear R helpers,

Is it possible to create a semilog plot in R?
I have been scanning the help archives and manuals and semilog does not 
appear anywhere.
Should i use specific package?


Hi XEmacs/ESS users:

I have installed XEmacs with ESS. Now I would like to use XEmacs for
purposes other than running R. I found instructions on a way to do this in
John Fox's "An Introduction to ESS + XEmacs for Windows Users of R." His
instructions say to rename his init.el to Rinit.el and to modify the target
field of the properties of the XEmacs desktop icon to find Rinit.el. He then
says that you can maintain your present init.el file. My question is where
can I find this non-ESS XEmacs init.el file. I searched the files installed
by XEmacs and didn't find one.

I have the latest versions of XEmacs & ESS installed and have followed John
Fox's instructions for setting up ESS with XEmacs. My operating system is
Windows XP SP2.

Thank you for any help anyone can give me.


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