[R] glm binomial with zero proportions

Gregor Gorjanc gregor.gorjanc at bfro.uni-lj.si
Fri Mar 3 09:32:22 CET 2006


>> Hello.  I must fit a logistic regression to data in the form of
>> proportions, but in which some of the proportions are zero.  I therefore
>> cannot use the glm function with a binomial link since the link function
>> is not defined for p=0 or 1.
> It is a logistic link, not a 'binomial link'.  The fitted proportions 
> cannot be zero (just 2*10^-16 which is exceedingly rare), but the observed 
> ones can.  MASS4 p.190 has an example with observed proportion zero.

Yes, MASS4 p. 190 has example with 0 observed, but that is not a problem
if you use a regression for dose. What can one do in case you have a
level of a factor that has observed zero proportion or very low/high

>> What other solutions are available?  Any
>> references to this specific problem (i.e. regression using proportions,
>> of which some are zero) would be welcome.
> Any good book on logistic regression.

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