[R] Fwd: Re: calling R's library using C

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Fri Mar 3 05:02:39 CET 2006

On 2 March 2006 at 19:37, Globe Trotter wrote:
| > Thanks for all the help. I thought I would clarify certain things. First, I
| > did
| > not read that section of the manual (no one provided the pertinent link),

I'd do it now. Really. Not later. *Now*. Like the Posting Guide recommends.

You may have heard of the sites www.r-project.org and cran.r-project.org. If
you look closely, you will discover a link 'Manuals' on the left. You'd be
surprised.  All that you are griping about here is in Section 5.15 of the
'Writing R Extension' manual.

| > library (and define that MATH_STANDALONE), I get errors: in particular, it
| > would not recognize set_seed (which is a function which should work only if

No problem here -- see below for you altered program and output.

| > (English is not my strong suit, but I can follow there, I am sure): btw, I do
| > not have the /usr/share/doc/r-mathlib/ directory, nor is it anywhere on
| > my

Because you're on Red Hat, and I am on Debian.

| > system (as per the output to locate), I really thank you for all your help! I
| > am sure Professor Ripley would also appreciate your support.

He really doesn't need my help, but I am flattered by the suggestion. 

Hope this helps, Dirk

edd at basebud:/tmp> cat globetrotter.c
#include <Rmath.h>

int main(void) {

  set_seed(42, 43);
  printf("Random with fixed seed: %f\n", unif_rand());

  printf("%f \n",pchisq(2.,7., 1, 0));
  printf("%f \n",pnchisq(2.,7.,0., 1, 0));
  return EXIT_SUCCESS;
edd at basebud:/tmp> gcc -o globetrotter globetrotter.c -lm -lRmath
edd at basebud:/tmp> ./globetrotter
Random with fixed seed: 0.692304
edd at basebud:/tmp> ./globetrotter
Random with fixed seed: 0.692304
edd at basebud:/tmp>   

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