[R] linear lists, creation, insertion, deletion, traversal *someone?*

Christian Hoffmann christian.hoffmann at wsl.ch
Wed Mar 1 14:09:39 CET 2006


In a second try I will ask this list to give me some useful pointers.

Linear lists, as described e.g. by N.Wirth in "Algorithms and Data
Structures", seem not to be implemented in S/R, although in lisp we have 
cons, car, cdr.

Nevertheless I want to implement an algorithm using such linear lists, 
porting a trusted program to R (S). I need:

(from Modula/Oberon)
	SC* = RECORD	Next*: pSC; ......
...     END;

# generate and fill a linked list:
VAR   p, pA, Kol: pSC;
	NEW( Kol);
	pA := Kol;
	while () {
		NEW( p );
		pA.Next := p;
		pA := p;

Mapping this list management to R's list() is possible, but may not be 
so transparent. Insertions and deletions from a list may be more convoluted.

Does anybody have experience in this? I could not find any reference in
R resources, also the Blue Book is mute here.

Thank you
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