[R] Class & Method, S3 / S4

mailto-nik at bluemail.ch mailto-nik at bluemail.ch
Wed Mar 1 13:45:24 CET 2006


I'm trying to create a class. However, I've some problems...

I am used to program php. There I can create a new object and call a specific
function of this object. In R, I hoped to create a class similar and then
call the function like:

Creating the Class:

setMethod("test", "connect", 
        value /2

testObj = new ("connect")
testObj at test(44)

That should return 22. However, unfortunately it does not work. How can I
solve this problem. I read several instructions, but how does R work???.
Does anybody have a very simple example like above.

I highly appreciate any help.
Thanks a lot.

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