[R] Update R 2.1.1-1 -> 2.2.1 on UBUNTU

Florence Débarre fdebarre at horus.ens.fr
Wed Mar 1 08:44:53 CET 2006

I've installed Ubuntu 5.10 Breezy on my Mac. When using MacOSX, I used to
work with R 2.2.1, but now, with Ubuntu, I can't download it with
synaptic. I can only download R 2.1.1-1, and I really need 2.2.1.

I've tried to edit the sources.list file, typing

deb http://cran.R-projet.org/bin/linux/debian stable/

R/r, using a different mirror,... but when I run synaptic, it says:

W: Impossible de localiser la liste des paquets sources
http://cran.R-projet.org stable/ Packages
(/var/lib/apt/lists/cran.R-projet.org_bin_linux_debian_stable_Packages) -
stat (2 Aucun fichier ou répertoire de ce type)

[W: Impossible to localize the list of source packages
no file or folder of this kind]

What can I do ?


Florence DEBARRE

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