[R] question about dataframe ("sensory") in PLS package

jz7 at duke.edu jz7 at duke.edu
Mon Jul 31 04:45:30 CEST 2006

Dear all,

I am trying to my dataframe for the PLS analysis using the PLS package.
However I have some trouble generating the correct dataframe. The main
problem is how to use one name to represent several columns in the

The example dataframe in PLS package is called "sensory". I cannot
directly read the data file since it's a binary file. If I use
"names(sensory)" command, I will get two names: "Quality" and "Panel". But
if I use "summary(sensory)" command, I will get information of five
columns for "Quality" and 6 columns for "Panel" (such as "Quality.Acidity"
"Quality.Peroxide"...). So when I use PLS regression, the function is
simply "Panel ~ Quality" (but it's actually multiple regression).

Does anyone know how to build such dataframe? Please share some
experience. Really appreciate the help!


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