[R] arules package: using image() deliveres unexpected results

Markus Preisetanz Markus.Preisetanz at clientvela.com
Fri Jul 28 17:40:03 CEST 2006

Dear Collegues,
it seems like there is a problem with the image()-method in the package arules.
Using an ordninary matrix works fine:
image(matrix(rnorm(200), 10, 20), axes = FALSE, col=brewer.pal(9, "Blues") )
delivers an image with blue colors and no axes.
Using an object of the class "associations" (arules package) does not work:
image(items(ta.eclat), axes = FALSE, col=brewer.pal(9, "Blues") )
delivers an error message telling that the argument "col" matches to several formal arguments.
image(items(ta.eclat), axes = FALSE)
delivers no error message but draws axes, which clearly should not be the case

In the source code of arules I couldn't find any definition of the image-function (especially no image.R-file.)

What I want to do is drawing an image of itemsets as produced by eclat, with blue colors and the item labels at the x-axe.

Does anybody know help?

Thank You, Markus
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