[R] Comparison of linear models

Fabien Lebugle Fabien.Lebugle at orleans.inra.fr
Fri Jul 28 13:41:06 CEST 2006

Good afternoon,

I am a master student. I am currently doing an internship.
I would like to get some advices about the following issue: I have 2 
data sets,  both containing the same variables, but the data were 
measured using two different procedures. I want to know if the two 
procedures are equivalent.
Up to know, I have built one linear model for each dataset. The two 
models have the same form. I would like to compare these two models: are 
they identical? Are they different? By how much?

Please, could you tell me which R procedure I should use? I have been 
searching the list archive, but without success...



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