[R] conflict of package "Matrix" and summary of lme object

Dirk Enzmann dirk.enzmann at uni-hamburg.de
Mon Jul 24 13:55:44 CEST 2006

After loading the package "Matrix" (version 0.995-12), using the summary 
function with an lme (package nlme version 3.1-75) object results in an 
error message saying

Fehler in dim(x) : kein Slot des Namens "Dim" für dieses Objekt der 
Klasse "correlation"

(translated: 'Error in dim(x) : no slot of the name "Dim" for this 
object of class "correlation")'.

Without loading "Matrix" this error message does not occur.

Any ideas?

R version: 2.3.1 Patched (2006-06-21 r38367)
Operating system: Windows XP (5.1 (Build 2600))
CPU: Pentium Model 2 Stepping 9

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