[R] A statistical question

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Fri Jul 21 19:12:16 CEST 2006

Dear Users,

I have two particular problems that I need to solve.

I do an analysis of a survey about sexuality.

(Don't read any further if you don't like the subject.)

Problem (1)

In the survey there a two questions about monogamy.

(1) Are you monogamous? (At this moment.)
(2) Have you been in contact with men and / or women? (Past / Present)

For some other inferences I need to extract historical data out of these 
questions about monogamy, like past monogamy (which hasn't been asked). 
This should be possible. Is there a reasonable way out of here?

Problem (2)

I have to do some geographical testing. I have to check the geographical 
distribution of respondents and some other properties. Could you advise 
me what to read / use? An R package with help is sufficient (I hope).



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