[R] multicomp plotting

Nair, Murlidharan T mnair at iusb.edu
Fri Jul 21 19:04:03 CEST 2006

I am using the multcomp package for doing multiple comparisons. Since
the data I am handling is huge the number of comparisons are also large.
I am interested in:
1>  Breaking down my plots to get rid of the clutter that happens when
plotting the entire data set. How do I pass only part of the data to the
plot function ?
data=fungus,conf.level=0.95,type =c("Tukey"))
plot(fungus.cirec)  #This plots the entire data. I want to plot part of
the data only
2>I am also interested in getting rid of the field name associated with
each categorical variable. 
Here is what the part of the data looks like
Habitat Fungus.yield
Birch 20.83829053
Birch 22.9718181
Birch 22.28216829
Birch 24.23136797
Birch 22.32147961
Birch 20.30783598
Oak 27.24047258
Oak 29.7730014
Oak 30.12608508
Oak 25.76088669
Oak 30.14750974
Hornbeam 17.05307949
Hornbeam 15.32805111
Hornbeam 18.26920177
Hornbeam 21.30987049
Hornbeam 21.7173223
It plots labels as HabitatBirch-HabitatOak for example.  How do I get
rid of the field name Habitat in the plot? 
3> How do I tell the method to mark the significant comparisons? (i.e
those that do not intersect the zero line).
Thanks ../Murli

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