[R] from character to numeric over multiple columns

Federico Calboli f.calboli at imperial.ac.uk
Fri Jul 21 11:55:16 CEST 2006

Hi All,

I have a data frame of three columns, all of which names. The names in the three 
  cols overlap up to a point, so I might have *Harry* in all three columns, 
*Tom* in cols 1 and 3 and *Bob* in col 3 only.

harry	paul	bob
anita	harry	tom
frank	jack	harry
tom	pete	ben

I want to turn the names into numbers, BUT I want the numeric code for, say, 
*Harry*, to be the same on all columns.


cbind(as.numeric(col1), as.numeric(col2), as.numeric(col3))

does not work because the factors are different in each column, hence they get a 
different number even though the name is the same.




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