[R] insert insertRow?

Marjo en Edwin adsl665400 at tiscali.nl
Fri Jul 21 09:38:57 CEST 2006

Dear all,

In the search for a command to insert a row between other rows in a data 
frame I found that there seems to be no such command in the base R 
package. There is however a very simple function insertRow in the 
micEcon package, that makes use of rbind. I wondered if it would not be 
possible to include the following micEcon functions in the base package:


Since the functions are already there, I would gather this is not a very 
big effort. It would save people that just want to insert rows and 
columns easily to install another two packages (since micEcon needs 
systemfit) or defining the functions themselves.

I hope my suggestion will be taken into consideration. Whether it will 
be adopted or not, I still think R is a fantastic statistical package 
that I love to use.

Edwin Commandeur

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