[R] Can make no plots !!!

Bernat Claramunt i Lopez bernat at creaf.uab.es
Thu Jul 20 15:15:12 CEST 2006

Dear all
I have Kubuntu linux and have updated to the latest version (6.06 dapper). I 
do not know why but now I can not make no plots. For instance, when I type

this is the message I get:

>can't find X11 font
> Error in X11 (display, width, heigth......)
> unable to start devide X11
> In addition: Warning messages:
> 1:locale not supported by Xlib: some X ops will operate in C locale
>2: X cannot set locale modifiers

Any suggestion ? Maybe it is because kubuntu now works with Xorg instead of 
X11 ? I really ignore how to solve it and I need to make plots !!!

Thanks in advance	

Bernat Claramunt i Lopez
CREAF (Centre de Recerca Ecologica i Aplicacions Forestals ) i Departament de 
Biologia Vegetal, Biologia Animal i Ecologia
Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
08193 Bellaterra, Catalunya

Telf: +34935811920
FAX:  +34935814151

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