[R] plain shading (not residuals) in mosaic plot

Kie Zuraw kie at ucla.edu
Wed Jul 19 16:47:32 CEST 2006

Hello. I've been using R for a couple of months and enjoying it a lot. 
This is my first post to R-help.

I'm using the vcd package to make mosaic plots with labels on the tiles 
indicating the number of items in each cell.

For example, I've made this plot:

> allmorph<-structure(c(10, 26, 17, 100, 70, 97, 253, 430, 185, 177, 
> 25, 1), .Dim = as.integer(c(6, 2)), .Dimnames = 
> structure(list(Stem.initial.obstruent = c("p", "t,s", 
> "k","b","d","g"),Subst.behavior=c("unsubstituted","substituted")), 
> .Names = c("Stem-initial obstruent","Behavior according to 
> dictionary")), class = "table")
> mosaic(allmorph,direction="v",pop=FALSE)
> labeling_cells(text=allmorphs,margin=0)(allmorph)

So far so good. What I can't figure out how to do--after searching 
through the vcd documentation 
(http://cran.r-project.org/doc/packages/vcd.pdf), Googling, and 
checking the r-help archive--is how to shade the tiles according to 
their values for the variables rather than to reflect residuals. That 
is, I want all the tiles at the bottom, whose value for the x-axis 
variable is "substituted", to be dark grey, and those at the top, in 
the "unsubstituted" category, to be light grey.

I know how to do it with mosaicplot():

> mosaicplot(morphs3,color=c(grey(0.8),grey(0.4)))

...but this doesn't work with mosaic(): the command 
"mosaic(morphs3,color=c(grey(0.8),grey(0.4)))" yields a plot with all 
tiles the same color. And conversely, I can't find a way to use 
mosaicplot() and add numeric labels to the tiles--without much hope of 
success, I tried combining mosaicplot() with labeling_cells(), but, 
unsurprisingly, it didn't work:

> mosaicplot(morphs3,color=c(grey(0.8),grey(0.4)),pop=FALSE)
Warning message:
extra argument(s) 'pop' will be disregarded in: 
mosaicplot.default(morphs3, color = c(grey(0.8), grey(0.4)),
> labeling_cells(text=morphs3,margin=0)(morphs3)
Error in downViewport.vpPath(vpPathDirect(name), strict, recording = 
recording) :        Viewport 'cell:Stem-initial obstruent=p,Behavior 
according to dictionary=unsubstituted' was not found

Does anyone know how to get both the shading I want and the labels I 
want, whether with mosaic(), with mosaicplot(), or in some other way?

Thanks for your attention.

-Kie Zuraw

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