[R] A contingency table of counts by case

Serguei Kaniovski kaniovsk at wifo.ac.at
Tue Jul 18 17:18:27 CEST 2006

Here is an example of the data.frame that I have,


"case" represents the cases,
"id" the persons, and
"x" is the binary state.

I would like to know in how many cases any two persons

a. both have "1",
b. the first has "0" - the second has "1",
c. the first has "0" - the second has "0",
d. both have "0".

There will be choose(9,2) sums, denoted s_ij for 1<=i<j<=9,
where i and j are running indices for an "id"-pair.

Please help, this is way beyond my knowledge of R!

Thank you,
Serguei Kaniovski

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