[R] Running R as root

roderick.castillo at metanomics.de roderick.castillo at metanomics.de
Tue Jul 18 13:01:48 CEST 2006

Using R v. 2.3.1 which I installed recently, when I start it as root, there
is nothing
I can do. I get "Error: function xx not found" even when trying to leave R
q(). R works fine when started by an ordinary user. I rechecked the root
several times and even have set it similar to that of an ordinary user
(values of
PATH etc.) but nothing helps. Using the command "env" did not reveal
valuable. Going to root through the identity of an ordinary user and
retaining his
environment by doing "su user" instead of su - user" does not help either.

This does not seem related to the particular version of R.
Using: Linux RedHat AS 2.1

Any hint?



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