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Erin Berryman berr3415 at uidaho.edu
Mon Jul 17 01:30:51 CEST 2006

Dear R community,

I am having trouble with a particular plot that I am trying to produce 
using Hmisc's xYplot function. I've been using primarily lattice and 
Hmisc packages for my plotting needs for the past few years, with great 
However, what I want to do now with xYplot is plot more than one data 
trend in the same panel, much as I would use xyplot from package 
lattice in conjunction with superpose, with type="b". My problem is I 
can't get the error bars to plot when I use xYplot this way. I've 
attached my data set for reference.

Here are my inputs:

 >p1sum<-read.csv(file="p1sum.csv", header=T)
 >xYplot(Cbind(DRP, SE) + Cbind(Fe, FeSE) ~ Day | Group + Port,  p1sum, 

The plotted result is two lines per panel, one labeled "Cbind(DRP, SE)" 
and the other labeled "Cbind(Fe, FeSE). However, the error bars are not 
plotted at all (I want the error bars to be DRP +/- SE, and Fe +/- 
FeSE). Any advice on this is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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Erin Berryman
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