[R] regarding filtering the data

Gabor Grothendieck ggrothendieck at gmail.com
Fri Jul 14 06:35:55 CEST 2006

1. read.csv just calls read.table.  Enter this into R to see its source code:


2.  See ?subset . For example using the builtin swiss data frame:

   subset(swiss, Fertility < Agriculture)


   swiss[swiss$Fertility < swiss$Agriculture, ]

On 7/14/06, gyadav at ccilindia.co.in <gyadav at ccilindia.co.in> wrote:
> Hi all
> a very happy greeting to you all.
> i have just joined the list, i am newbie in R and this is my first message
> ( before this i was a member of Linux kernel mailing list) and hence i
> woulk like to add that i know how to behave in the mailing lists.
> I have a data something like this which i am reading from a csv file using
> read.table (Is there any difference between read.csv and read.table as i
> can give sep="," in both of them).
> x=[1,2,3,4]
> and permutations are
> 1,2,3,4
> 2,1,3,4
> 3,1,2,4
> 4,1,2,3
> etc.
> actually these are the permutations where n = 4 and k = 1 to 4 using the
> combs function. Well I want to filter only the data in which the first
> value is smaller that second, second value is smaller than
> third...extending the logic to all the k ( whatever is its value at that
> time). please help me in this regards

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