[R] Rpad Server Installation on Windows XP

Minjeong Ahn ahnmj at MIT.EDU
Fri Jul 7 17:53:30 CEST 2006

 I have a question about Rpad Server Installation on Windows XP.
 Here is a guide
 and I have been reading this more than ten times to figure this out, but
 still having trouble executing a Rpad website properly.

 Problem: for example, if I go to http://loclhost/Rpad/example1.rpad,
 I can see the whole website with the page loading sign staying on my
 screen (like forever)
 but if I push "calculate" button noting happens and the "page loading"
 sign goes away.

 Here, I think I have completed all steps needed,
 but I think I got something wrong with "Install the Statistice-
 R_perl_interface that come with Rpad in the serverversion directory." part.

 My Question: When I try installing serverversion files, I used
 -perl makefile.pl
 -nmake install

 in C:/Perl/bin directory. But I think the directory of perl might be
 some problem. I asked somebody out a week ago and he said I have to
 install perl on my path. Actually I don't quite know which directory
 he is talking about. I'm using xampp advanced version, so I should have
 perl installed and also I have active perl installed on my computer
 (c:/perl) What am I getting wrong?

 Question2: Do I have to install rterm too? If so, where?

 Any of your advice will be very appreciated.
 Thank you for your reading and have a great day everybody!

 Claire Ahn

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