[R] problem with rdocdir option when installing R2.3.1

Christine Krahenbuhl christine.krahenbuhl at integragen.com
Thu Jul 6 16:28:08 CEST 2006


In the "R documentation and Administration" manual it is said that "The 
configure or make variables |rdocdir| and |rsharedir| can be used to 
install the system-independent doc and share directories to somewhere 
other than |libdir|".

Then I've installed R v2.3.1 on a solaris platform (SunOS 5.9)  with the 
following commands :
 > ./configure --prefix=/somewhere/stats  rdocdir=/elsewhere/html
 > make
 > make install

It works well since documentation files are located in in 
/elsewhere/html but when I use the html browser to compulse the 
documentation, the links doesn't work.
In fact, all HREF balise are like "<a href="../../library/package/...">" 
but the library directory is not installed to "../../library" it is 
installed to "/somewhere/stats/R-2.3.1/library".

Is there a parameter that I've missed ?

Thank you for your help


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