[R] curiosity question: new graphics vs. old graphics subsystem

ivo welch ivowel at gmail.com
Tue Jul 4 15:05:01 CEST 2006

hi paul:  thank you.  great explanation.

* what you describe seems like a fairly modest advantage of the
traditional system.  I have never used the new system, but this part
of the translation should be simple: if a plot() is called, set the
current viewport.  emulation done.  (if the user has issued a plot()
and then screws around with the viewport, R could complain and tell
the user that she is now on her own.)  I am probably way too naive
here.  there must be a lot trickier stuff.

* R regularly makes small changes that break old R code in order to
improve R.  This is good.  IMHO, emulating the old graphics system
would not have to be perfect one-to-one.

* when new graphics features are added, there must be duplication of
effort to get it into both graphics systems.  would it not be easier
in the long-run to have just one system to maintain?

* grImport and your slides look nice.  alas, I am searching for
grImport in your book, and it ain't there.  ;-).  also, pdf should be
as important as postscript to include these days.

* speed and memory size for graphics are less of an issue now than it
used to be.

sheesh, this almost sounds ungrateful.  don't mean to be.  thanks to
the R team for having put this graphics together.  it really is the
best thing out there.  this discrepancy in graphics systems is really
nothing more than a minor nuisance.



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