[R] macro facility in R

John Sorkin jsorkin at grecc.umaryland.edu
Mon Jul 3 13:39:20 CEST 2006

R 2.2 on windows XP
I have a dataset with multiple columns. Some of the columns represent
independent variables, some represent dependent variables. I would like
to run the same analyses on a fixed set of independent variables,
changing only the dependent variable, e.g.
y5-y6=x1+x2+x3, etc.
I know I can write a function to perform the analyses, however in order
to make the analyses easy to do, I really need a macro scripting
language that will allow preprocessing of the function and substitution
of macro variables with parameters passed to the macro, i.e. I need
someting akin to the macro facility in SAS. Is there a macro facility
that I can use with R? I have tried help.search("macro") and did not
have any success.

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