[R] arules and frequent pattern tree

strinz@freenet.de strinz at freenet.de
Tue Jan 31 13:42:16 CET 2006


   package "arules" is very well suited for mining association rules,
   interfacing implementations of "apriori" and "eclat".

   What is not realised is an implementation of the Frequent Pattern Tree (Han, J., Pei, J. and Yiwen, Y. (2000).

   There are several free implementations available on the net.
   (e.g.: http://www.csc.liv.ac.uk/~frans/KDD/Software/FPgrowth/fpGrowth.html)

   I would appreciate any suggestions, how theese Algorithms could be interfaced with R,
   or how the textual output of the frequent items could be visually represented in a tree structure by means
   of which data structure ?) in R. 




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