[R] Glossay of available R functions

Patricia J. Hawkins phawkins at connact.com
Tue Jan 31 00:38:39 CET 2006

>>>>> "ASA" == Alexandre Santos Aguiar <asaguiar at spsconsultoria.com> writes:

ASA> I am new to R and read this list to learn. It is amazing how
ASA> frequently new functions pop in messages. Useful and timesaving
ASA> functions like subset (above) must be documented somewhere.

ASA> Is there a glossary of functions?

I'm also new to R, and was wondering the same thing.  Took a bunch of
tries, but if you run start.help() and then choose Packages, then
Base, you will get the list of functions.

As a newcomer, I hesitate to suggest this, but maybe there should be a
comment on the index page to that effect?

Patricia J. Hawkins
Hawkins Internet Applications

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