[R] Image Processing packages

Stephan Matthiesen Stephan.Matthiesen at ed.ac.uk
Fri Jan 27 15:23:53 CET 2006


Am Donnerstag, 26. Januar 2006 19:39 schrieb Kort, Eric:
> I have a variety of standard image processing functions written in R,
> but have yet to distribute them because most people choose not to
> perform image analysis in R for the previously stated reasons.

I encourage you to distribute them. I work with satellite imagery, where you 
need both statistical tools for data analysis and versatile image 
processing/visualization tools.

> So in general I would agree that R is sub-optimal for image processing
> (and this is certainly outside the realm of things R was intended to do
> if I read the early mailing list archives correctly).  However, it can
> be done and it might be desirable to do so from a work-flow perspective.

I agree. Actually, it seems to me that an increasing number of people use R 
for tasks that are not strictly statistical analyses, often as a replacement 
for Matlab.

Thanks for your good work!


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