[R] monochrome mosaic plot in vcd package

Mike Townsley uctqmkt at ucl.ac.uk
Fri Jan 27 12:28:10 CET 2006


I have a nice looking mosaic plot in an article to be published 
soon.  Sadly, the published version will be in black and white and so ruin 
the advantage of the default shading scheme of tiles.

What would readers suggest as an alternative shading scheme?  If I have a 
black-and-white shading scheme graduated according to suitable cutoffs I 
won't be able to tell positive from negative residuals.  The tile borders 
can be changed of course, but I'm uncertain that is will be clear enough 
for a reader.
Another option may be to use a fill pattern of sloping lines with different 
orientations for the sign and density for the magnitude.  The problem with 
this option is I wouldn't know where to start to incorporate into a legend.

The shading_binary function is no good as I would like the cells with 
residuals less than absolute 2 to be different from other cells.  How would 
readers of this list represent a mosaic plot so that it was easily 
interpretable in monochrome?

My data can be used as an example:


term.1 <- gl(2,1,8, labels = LETTERS[1:2])
term.2 <- gl(2,2,8, labels = LETTERS[3:4])
term.3 <- gl(2,4,8, labels = LETTERS[5:6])

cell.count <- c(72, 19, 5, 8, 117, 115, 81, 85)

mosaic(loglm(formula = cell.count ~ term.1 + term.2 + term.3),
        shade = TRUE, gp = shading_hcl, legend = TRUE,
        labeling_args = list(rot_labels = rep(0,4)),
        gp_args = list(lty = 1:2),legend_width = unit(0.2, "npc"))

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