[R] footnote in postscript lattice

Dean Sonneborn dsonneborn at ucdavis.edu
Fri Jan 27 00:46:28 CET 2006

I would like to add a footnote to this graph but do not see a "footnote" command in the package:lattice documentation. I would like to note the "span=.8"
 as the footnote.

postscript(file= ”C:/Documents and Settings/dsonneborn/My Documents/Slovak/output/pcb_tables/smooth_PCB_lines_four.ps”, bg=”transparent”, onefile=FALSE, pointsize=20,paper=”letter”, horizontal=TRUE, family=”Helvetica”,font=”Helvetica”)

xyplot(AWGT ~ lipid_adj_lpcb2_cent | malex*romanix, data=pcb_graph3,

       auto.key = list(lines = TRUE, points = TRUE), ylab=”Birth Weight”, xlab=”Lipid Adjusted PCB”,

       par.settings =

       list(superpose.symbol = list(col = colr, pch = plotchar),

            superpose.line = list(col = colr, pch = plotchar, lty = 1)),

        type=c("p", "smooth"), span=.8)


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