[R] Partial Canonical Correlation

Eliot McIntire eliotmcintire at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 02:12:07 CET 2006


I am interested in doing a partial canonical correlation (identical to
the SAS function, Proc Cancorr with the Partial statement).

By this I mean, I have 3 sets of data, a vegetation matrix (columns of
abundances of species in rows of plots), an "environment" matrix
(columns of environmental variables in same rows of plots), and a
"space" matrix (x and y locations of each of the plots).  I would like
to look at the relationships between these multivariate groups, with
the space partialed out.

This would be somewhat analogous in my mind to a partial mantel test
(i.e., 3 data matrices), but would be somewhat more sophisticated than
the correlations between distance matrices of the partial mantel test.

In the r-help archives I have found similar things, partial
correlations, canonical correlations, but not partial canonical

Does somebody know how to do this in R?

Thank you in advance,


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