[R] Latest revision of lme4 requires 'Matrix' >= 0.995.2 but that version is not available on CRAN

Søren Højsgaard Soren.Hojsgaard at agrsci.dk
Sat Jan 21 16:16:11 CET 2006

We (Doug, Martin and I) are trying hard to debug an error in Matrix.
Martin and Doug have ideas for a bugfix and I am checking right now.

The latest version of Matrix that passed the checks was Matrix_0.995-1
which is still available from

The error was also present in Matrix_0.995-1, but in that case (and by
chance) it did not cause a crash during the examples or tests (what
happens for Matrix_0.995-2 under Windows).

Uwe Ligges


Dear Uwe, 

Thats fine, but what puzzles me is that a new lme4-version can go on CRAN when it can not run under windows... ? 

Anyway, that sort of things happen... I've now downloaded the previous version of lme4 as a tar.gz file - and that works. I wonder if it would be an idea to have a function rollback('pkg-name') for that sort of situations???

Best regards

Søren Højsgaard



Moreover, now that I have updated to the latest release of lme4, I wonder how to get get a version of lme4 that actually works with the version of Matrix which is currently available.

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